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[Table] IAmA: I am Brad Sherwood from the new series, "This vs That", the ABC series, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", and my currently nationally touring improv show with Colin Mochrie. AMA.

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Date: 2013-03-05
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What was your favorite skit on Whose Line Is It Anyway? Richard simmons jet ski. you tube it. i wasnt in it, but i dont care. funniest thing ever!
How did you get so good at improvising songs? I thought you were one of the few who could keep up with Wayne. I blame several concussions.
I saw that "Whose Line Is It Anyway" is going to be re-running again. How much of what you guys do is true on-the-spot improv and how much was you guys kind of relying on jokes you've come up with before (tried and true punchlines for certain situations?) I feel like if you play those games enough times certain things come up more than once and you can go to the memory bank with what worked before. What's the balance of leaning on old material versus true creative spark when you're doing improv? It was always on the spot. we never try to do the same jokes. we strived to always be original. you are always trying to react in a funny way.
Its Cool to hear that WHiiA is coming back! Is the whole gang coming back? It is not certain whether I will be back on WLIIA. the CW is looking for new improvisers for the fourth chair. If the show gets picked up for more episodes, i'm sure Greg and I will return.
I saw in "This vs. That," you're testing whether it's faster to weave through traffic or stay in your lane. WELL WHICH IS IT??? The exec producer has expressly forbidden me to answer that. tune in to see.
Hello! You're one of my favorite performers! This is the funniest song styles I've ever seen (the one where you rhyme Neroshi). Which type of game was your favorite and least favorite? Was there ever any recognition for being announced the winner at the end of Whose Line, maybe after the show? Did you guys ever know about the celebrity guest beforehand or was it always a surprise? Which were your favorite performers to work with? When will your show come through Georgia? Which shows do you watch online/tv? Here are my responses in order to your Qs Thanks. Thanks again. SOund FX & Hoedown. No Spankings after show. It was a surprise. Sid Caesar. Been there twice. Pay attention. Breaking Bad. you're welcome.
What is it like living with a 9 inch penis? Colin lives in Toronto...
Thanks for doing this AMA. I really love your work. What's the best advice you have for someone trying to become more confident in improv? I've gotten pretty far off of "Say 'Yes, and'", but my biggest issue is giving out too many jokes when only half are actually funny. How do you avoid awkward silence without forcing too many duds? Dont plan. listen and react. if you react, youre not writing jokes in your head and disconnected from your fellow players.
During a pay per view special a while back you did with the whose line gang people would constantly mention doritos. Did you guys get paid to say that or just beating a dead horse? Doritos was the sponsor, and we began mocking them, because we are all childish. we didnt get any bonus for saying it over and over.
Hey Brad, what is your most favorite thing about Drew Carey, past and present? His generosity toward the people he works with is unmatched and rare in this business. one time he took the cast and crew of the Drew Show & WLIIA on a weeklong private carribean cruise.
Take that Seinfeld!
How do you differentiate your show from Mythbusters? This is how my new show, This Vs. That is different from Mythbusters. Mythbusters deals with things that are “cinematic myths” or “urban legends”-- for example, “Can a ninja walk on water?” While revealing that is good TV... it doesn’t have any practical application to everyday life. I don’t know any ninjas.
This vs. That, on the other hand, deals with things that go on in our lives... It’s about things that are REAL... It’s about the world within arm’s reach. We answer questions about choices and obstacles that we all might have to navigate in the world... and hopefully make that navigating easier.
We’re using science, leading experts from UCLA, The Fermi Lab (among others) and dynamic experiments to reveal answers to life’s most common... and vexing dilemmas. We want to provide viewers information so that when they find themselves in a similar situation, they’ll make better decisions. Our Motto: No bias. No bullshit. Just science, fact, and funny.
Will you fluff my garfield? Consider it done.
What's your favorite bit/sketch that you've ever done? Edit: Or what is your favorite type of game to do on Whose Line? (Like songs, the alphabet game, questions only, etc.) I did a really lovely sketch of a ladder when i was eight. it looked very realistic.
Thanks for stopping by to answer our questions. Who are some people that you would love to do improv with, but have not had a chance to? Greg Proops!
What do you think of Whose Line Is It Anyway? coming back? I hope the CW gives it a good time slot and room to get its audience back!
Favorite pizza toppings? Best professional/career related decision you've made? Jalapeno. Reddit.
Is your head really that big? Or does the TV add like 3 hat sizes? Sadly, my head is abnormally large.
Brad, I heard there was an interesting incident while you where filming the Traffic Experiment. My brother-in-law created the show and I understand was filming in the car with you. What happened? Jon Hotchkiss, the producer of my new show This Vs. That. got car sick while filming. we had to pull over so he could puke.
I've seen your live improv show. And seriously, what's wrong with Colin Mochrie? He's not right. He's mental...
Who are your role models? Has anyone been a great influence for you? Time Conway, art carney, monty python, don knotts, monty python, & monty python.
What's your opinion on the divide between short form and long form improv? Also, what has been the best advice you have received while starting out in this art form? First off, since you"re a "baby improver", if you could make a version that doesn't shit and cry, you would be rich.
Drew always said the points don't matter, but they did, didn't they? The points do matter. we saved up our points & at the end of the season, each point was converted into credits at the Olive Garden.
Don't you get tired of people asking if Whose Line was genuinely improvised? haha because even I get annoyed when people ask that, because I know that it was. I take it as a backhanded "you guys couldnt possibly be that clever" kind of compliment.
During WLiiA, who made you crack up more? Me.
I have a question about Laura from whos line. How does she know all those songs? The producers would give her a list of bands & genres and she would go home and arrange songs that sounded like them, but wouldnt be a legal problem for copyright.
Is a reverse mortgage right FOR ME? No.
Hey Brad you guys are truly talented but with it being so niche, what is the appeal of doing improv, compared to a regular acting gig or a stand up routine? There are many forms of many forms of art & comedy. WHy do some people play jazz and others play metal?
Were any of Wayne's songs scripted? They always seemed way too perfect. I loved the show-- it helped me through my awkward teenage years. No part of this show was scripted. we heard a song title and immediately the music started, and we were off & singing whether we had an idea or not.
Did you prefer the UK version or US version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? No difference for me as a performer. the commute was easier for the US version...
Could you go in-depth about the mouse trap bit? Were they all real and set mouse traps? Have you gotten sed to feeling their sting? How in the hell did that idea even begin in the first place? I haveto admit it was the funniest part of your show. Oh and also, please come to Chicago! Theyre real. sometimes they hurt, sometimes they don't.
What are some of the best bald-jokes that you know? 5 head.
Would you rather speak every language in the world or have the ability to play every musical instrument? I'd rather be a great guitarist than any other super power i dont already have.
What was the one scene from a hat that you felt stood out from the rest? As improvisers, we are in "comedy crisis" mode while performing. we usually dont even remember the scene until we see it on TV.
On a scale of 1 to 10, just how bald is Colin Mochrie? 7.75 his hair is like wrap around seating in a diner booth.
Do you like trains? I like tuhr-tles...
Also, are you and Colin planning on having more tour dates? You guys should come to Austin. Colin & Brad live tour dates for Spring/Summer.
Yeah, I saw the tour dates on your website, none of which are near me (which is why I asked if you plan on adding more). We've toured for 10 years. always adding more.
Nearly everyone I know that has watched Whose Line has their favorite moment from the show. Over the course of the entire series, what was yours? Richard simmons.
Brad! How did you like playing the horny hobo in "Jane White is Sick & Twisted"? By far the weirdest movie I have ever seen. I'm still waiting for my oscar.
Brad! My family and I have seen the Colin and You Show about three times now -- hysterical every time. Any horror stories from any of those shows? PS Two Man Group is one of my most-watched shows on Netflix. Thank you for your demented & loyal support!
Are you famous enough that you get a lot of tail? I'm famous enough for my wife's tail.
What was your best experience with Colin or Ryan on whose line? Lunch.
Who was the better host: Drew or Clive? (my money is on Clive) Both were great. Both were truly nice guys too.
Favorite Whose Line moment? Payday.
What made you go into improv comedy? Is there anything you do (or you used to do) to prepare yourself for anything that comes at you onstage? Thanks for doing this IAMA! I love making people laugh. improv is a comedy martial art. you have to be ready for whatever comes at you.
Practice your craft.
Ironically, I was just watching an episode of Whose Line this past night in which you were the fourth chair. I like my banana bread without nuts.
I suppose the logical question to follow would be what is your favorite recipe for banana bread? Dont forget to spay or neuter you pet.
What is your favorite "game" on Whose Line Is It Anyway? ? SFX.
What are your thoughts on Chicago long-form improv? I like CHicago deep dish pizza.
I grew up doing long and short form.
One is bumper cars and one is cross-country skiing.
Do you ever get tired of being known mainly for whose line when it's been done for years now? No!
Brad! What was your favourite moment from WLIIA? Who's your favourite other cast member? What is the most ridiculous scenes from a hat that you had to do? Vague memories buried under 1000's of hours of performing live improv makes that truly impossible to answer.
Hello Brad! 1-) Will you be on new series of Whose line? 2-)will you or whose line crew will ever come Turkey?(i know its a long shot) Colin and I have been to india.
If the spot for the 4th chair came down to it, who would win in a fight, you or Greg? A "talent fight" or an actual fight? I watch a lot of UFC. i think i could arm-bar Greg pretty quick...
Hi Brad! love your work! Me and a friend are going to perform the game Whose line/sentences in two days for an audience. Do you have any wise words to share with us? Also if it goes well, we will do a hoedown on a later occasion. Could you reveal some of your technique in this game? Hoedown: always rhyme with "ass".
What would you say the first rule of improv is? Who is one person that you want to perform with that you have not had the chance to yet? What type of music do you listen to? Listen. Ricky Gervais. Metal, Folk, Hip Hop, Hair Band 80s.
Is that the same Mark Decarlo from "Studs" in the "This vs. That" trailers...? He's much older and wiser now.
Going by the outtakes from WLIIA, it seemed like everyone really hated the Hoedowns. Any insight on that? About how many times a taping did you guys end up having to retry a hoedown? I didnt hate them as much as others. rhyming was easy for me.
How upset was that blond woman when you sang about her breasts on "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" She actually seemed pretty offended but it was still hilarious to watch. Relevant clips starts at 4:45. Her left breast wasn't offended at all.
Are there games on Whose Line you didn't get to take part in that you wish you did? (Being the field reporter on newsflash, etc) No.
Brad! You were one of the best on Whose Line, what was your favorite game on the show? Most memorable/fun moment? Thanks! love so many games. new CHoice, SFX,
I know having two unanswered questions is kind of taboo here on reddit but, what is one piece of advice that you would give to today's youth? Take time to laugh. Don't get caught up in an over reactive, angry world. Everybody is an angry democrat or angry republican. Your political, or religious views don't have to be defended to the death against someone who disagrees. (There will always be 'disagree-ers' [new word])
Don't lose your life into your gadgets. Your phone is a seductive universe. For every hour you spend inside the web (or texting, or gaming), spend an hour painting, songwriting, hiking, etc.
Spread peace. Be tolerant. Listen more than you talk. Be overly courteous to people you interact with in the world. It will come back to you.
Share your positive thoughts. Withhold your negative thoughts. Do not stay in destructive relationships. Find your joy.
What is your favorite drink? Dirty Martini.
How long did it take you to perfect your B52's impression? Didnt even know i did one until they threw that style at me.
Would you please tell us a joke? I'll just tell the punch line.
"All I could see was the monkey trying to put the cork back in!"
About often did you have to refilm a scene on Whose Line because of unairable content? We never refilmed. they would just cut out a game if it was too "unairable".
What's your favourite city to perform in / where have you had the best time doing improv? My favorite town is your city, USA.
(cheesy grin)
Would you and your mates consider a tour in Europe(possibly in Italy)? :) Yes! Grazi!
Do you want to guest star on the new version of whose line? And do you still hang out with the other performers? Are Ryan's feet really that big? Yes. yes. yes.
Any plans to come to the west coast? I'm there now. Mission accomplished.
Do you know about Link to ? Now I do! it's the finest website in all the land.
How does it feel to be king of the "If you know what I mean" game? Like a bag of sausages in a jacuzzi...
Is improv something worth doing to make yourself a '"better" person' (more out going, confident, wittier, funnier, ect)? In theory, yes. but most improvisers are whack-a-doodle.
I think you are very talented, I loved the show "whoes line is it anyway." I always wondered have any of you had a day where you are just brain dead and cant think of a witty comeback? Was there a secret signal you had to give for someone else to take over? We didn't need secret signals. We had electric buzzers in our shorts. If we weren't being funny, the producers would shock us. That's why Colin occasionally fainted on stage.
Are you going to be on the new Whose Line? Why is Drew Carey not hosting it? Do you listen to Proops' wonderful podcast? Maybe, Dunno, Yes.
It must have been awesome working with those guys on whoseline, you guys were always funny, but did you go to college and what did you want to be when you were younger? I went to college for acting. I wanted to be an actor since I was 8.
Me and my buddies are having a poker game in Jersey on Thursday. You down to come? Deeal me in.
Favorite sport to watch(if any)? How long does it take to film one episode of whose line? Oddly I watch UFC & X games only.
Ryan always use to make fun about Drew's high salary. Was there such a huge difference between them in pay terms? No. The were both exec producers.
WHEN IS WHOS LINE COMING BACK!!!? There's a great website called Reddit where I answer this question. This summer...
Did Drew Carry ever actually threaten to fire you after the hundreds of times the cast joked about him? No, but he did hold a "points embargo" in protest of having to do hoedowns.
I saw you and Colin a few years ago and I almost peed myself when you were rolling around on mousetraps. Of course it was absolutely hilarious, but what on earth possessed you to do that as part of your show? We wanted to make people pee. I guess we failed in your case...
So no love for the West Coast huh? Love it here. I live here. But people in snow come to the show.
What is the strangest predicament you have ever been in while touring? We were kidnapped by monkeys in Omaha, leaving an Applebee's.
So Brad, is there really nothing better than a 200 pound snatch? If you know what I mean. A Cajun clam waffle is also pretty awesome...
Shit I can't believe I missed this. I hate work. WLIIA got me through so much angst and depression because I could never help but laugh at you guys when I was at my lowest. You are one of my favorite and Greg Proops are tied I think, but I had an opportunity to watch one of his stand up shows and found him hilarious and charming. So my question (that I am sure will not be answered because you are long gone but I still want to ask) is: given the opportunity, what would you do to tip the scales in your favor? Answering your reddit question?
Brad I have seen your show four times with Colin, you guys are awesome! How many toes have you broken in the mouse trap act? All eleven...
You know what you should do? Come to New Zealand. I'm now old enough to actually go to shows and yours would be very high up on the list of people I want to see :D Love your work! On my way, Kiwi.
Where do you get your beautifully Hawaiian shirts? Korea.
Do you hate any games as much as Ryan hated Hoedowns? No.
I'm 24. When I was a young girl I only had two TV crushes you and the Fonz. How does that make you feel. Cool. (get some counseling)
This is very important information. Other topics the show tackles: A. What’s the fastest way to board passengers onto an airplane? B. What’s the fastest way to navigate through freeway traffic? Stay in your lane, weave in and out of cars, or is better to take the surface streets? C. Which flotation device is more likely to save your life if you survive a plane crash into water: The life vest or the seat cushion? D. Which is really better for the environment? Paper Bags or Plastic Bags? E. What’s the safest roof to have on your house if you live in a hurricane zone, a steep roof or a roof with a gentle slope? We used a Hurricane Fan that blew wind and rain at 125 Miles Per Hour to find out! F. Which is smarter, Dogs or Cats?
I just wanted to say thank you for your support to the LGBT community! You're welcome! there is no bigger ciivil rights issue at hand in America. if any American was denied an equal right based on their religious belief, there would be protests & fury.
Someday, we will all have equal rights and people will have to come to terms with their homophobia in their own minds, not in courts and voting booths.
Can't wait for this to start -^ Me neither.
I really just came here to tell you that I'm a huge fan and think that you're fucking hilarious. I will be watching the new show. U rock.
Dude. I saw your most dangerous improve stunt at casino rama a couple years ago! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. This isn't a question. Sorry. I'm bad at taking instructions. You don't have to in life.
Give me your best "if you know what I mean" taking place in a homeless shelter... Nice bum...
I'm so excited for "This Vs. That"! Finally a show that is both entertaining and informative. This vs. That PREMIERES on the Web MONDAY March 18th 2.
For details & preview clips from This Vs.That: like us: 3.
Icehole!!! Sometimes!
Brad, I can't stop staring at your breasts. Pot titties, mofo!
Describe Jeff B. Davis in one word or acknowledge my existence. Either one will bring me great joy because I've watched Whose Line since before I could understand the jokes. Also, I seem to enjoy run on sentences. Jeff might be the greatest raconteur I know on planet earth.
YES! I love you Mr. White Wayne Brady! Don't make Mr. white Wayne Brady use my hand to aggressively strike upon an undesirable female dog...(this is hard)
I don't really have any questions. Just stopped in to tell you that The Colin and Brad Show Tour is hilarious. I appreciate humor that I can watch with my parents and not get immensely uncomfortable. Thanks! Happy to keep your parents comfortable...
We just started doing improv in my theater class and I'm so good at all the games because I watch a lot of Whose Line. I just wanted to say thank you! Keep it up. The world will always need funny people.
I fucking love you man. Seriously, thank you for all the laughs. There were times where I've been really stressed out and watching you do your thing made me forget about my troubles. Thank you. Laughter is the best medicine without a prescription.
Nice article you had on the Huffington Post. . I can't read...
I have no question, I just wanted to say that I have watched every episode of WLiiA, and you are absolutely my favorite performer on that show! You are a genius!
Hearing Whose Line is coming back really made the ol dingle dangle, if you know what I mean. Pull up your pants, pervert!
I'm a huge fan of "Whose Line.." and I've probably watched all your skits from that show on youtube. I want to thank you for the countless hours of happiness you gave me. You are amazing man. Good luck with your new shows. I'm from India btw! Namaste!
I know you probably won't see this but i loved the Disney's California Adventure special you and Colin did when it opened. I love the parks and watch the Disneyland specials before going, I always watch that one. I never saw it. Completely forgot until you just mentioned it! LOL.
How is your overall friendship with Drew, Ryan and Colin. I have a restraining order against one of them. One them has a restraining order against me. I'm sleeping with the third.
You're cute, Brad. Oh, I know, Rosie.
Oh my god I came too late.. I love you man, my favourite scene of you is on the segment where you guys had to sing one syllable word at a time and you faked fainting, oh my god, that was hilarious! thank you for making me laugh.. keep on doing this :) That was Colin's gag. (Maybe I stole it...)
I justed wanted to say that you're a beast on Quick Change, and that hasn't been said enough. You always came up with a completely different line changing all the mood of the scene. You're awesome. I know...
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