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In the list below, we are going to revisit eight of the top movie scenes that took place in a casino environment. Many of these scenes are already been etched in the annals of movie history. 1. Rounders (1998) Poker scenes, like those found in Rounders, can create a lot of tension on the movie screen and in real life. While trying to save his friend from mounting gambling debts, Mike McDermott Hard to beat Rounders. There's some hilarious scenes with Mush in Bronx Tale. The casino scene in Rain Man is also pretty classic. I think this one is a hidden gem though: There's some hilarious The casino scene featured four extreme high rollers wagering millions, all going all in. It starts off in a dimly lit casino room, you could instantly sense the fear and tension as the first player goes “six million, all in”. This is followed by the next going five million then twelve, then, wait for it, forty million dollars from the last player! If by this time you were not at the edge The casino game scene is a prime example. It’s where you see what happens when you upset Tommy DeVito! DeVito, played by Joe Pesci, loses his temper while playing cards with friends. The Quite the cult classic, Rounders sees Matt Damon play a small-time poker player who ends up taking on Teddy ‘KGB’, a Russian mobster, to pay back his and his friend’s debts. This scene is the culmination of the movie and sees Damon’s character risk all of his money and possibly his life as well. Given how high the stakes are and what’s at risk, the scene is incredibly tense and the Rounders also illustrates the nineties gambling scene and mindset. Even though the movie is "only" 20 years old, from the gambling industry's perspective it's from a completely different age. Internet poker boom was just around the corner, online casinos were taking their first baby-steps and no-one had even heard of responsible gaming. Casino Royale. No movie character has been more perfect for the casino world than James Bond. Indeed, 007 visits a casino in just about every movie in the franchise and brings his dashing and

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