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Geoguessr World Rankings - Preliminary Round #3

Geoguessr World Rankings - Preliminary Round #3
Thank you again for participating in the second preliminary round of the Geoguessr World Rankings. We saw quite a bit new joiners and we saw some of the players of the first round not participating this time. As a result, the rankings are very different from the first week, and the expectation is that this will continue to happen also in the upcoming weeks. Players who participate in all seeds have a higher chance of ending up higher in the rankings of course.
The 2nd Preliminary round took place in the Liberation Tower in Kuwait City. Two new categories were introduced with Difficulty Level 4 and our Difficulty Level 3 Country Streaks. These will continue to be part of these competitions.
In Difficulty Level 2 player u/Tall_ImpalaL49 managed to secure his second win in as many weeks, this time on An Urban World. We also saw u/Sixtet grabbing his second win in the Difficulty Level 3 competition, this time on the I Saw The Sign Map, well done to him. New player u/Grymmwulf managed to win the remaining two seeds in the previously mentioned new categories. A great score in Difficulty Level 4 on the World Cities map and an impressive country streak of 25 showed that he will be a player to keep an eye on, also in the future.
It may be clear that the same three players are leading the World Rankings in those specific categories. In the overall rankings we can see Sixtet currently being on top with already 868 points scored so far. The current Top 10 is looking like this:
Full standings, as well as standings per category can be found here.
The further we get into the rankings, the more will be shown here, including top performers per category. On the second sheet you can find the schedule, as well as previous results. New categories can still be added at a later stage. Please submit your map suggestions, as well as locations and tournament names for future events. This has to become a list by the community for the community.

For Preliminary Week 3 we'll head to the Canadian city of Winnipeg. In the Club Regent Casino, we will play the "Regent Casino Streaks and More Tournament".
This tournament contains of the same four categories as in Kuwait, however this time there will be more country streak seeds, so that there will be a bit more diversity in the rankings there. It will work similar to u/olsnes Streak Stacker format, where all scores of all five seeds are counted together.

The deadline for the seeds is as usual, Sunday 8PM Central European Time (CET).

Difficulty Level 2 - Regional
Map: 100 largest cities of Canada
Link to Challenge

Difficulty Level 3 - Regional
Map: Rural Canada
Link to Challenge

Difficulty Level 4 - Worldwide
Map: Worldwide Stadiums and Other Sports Venues
Link to Challenge

Difficulty Level 3 - Country Streaks (5 seeds)
Map: Standard Geoguessr Country Streak Map
Seed 1
Seed 2
Seed 3
Seed 4
Seed 5
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Geoguessr World Rankings - Preliminary Round #3 (Results)

Geoguessr World Rankings - Preliminary Round #3 (Results)
Hi everybody,
We've had a very interesting week in the Club Regent Casino in Winnipeg with some very interesting and challenging seeds.
Difficulty Level 2 was played on the 100 largest cities of Canada map and we recorded two perfect scores. u/DoubleNN7 and u/ben14241 were just 14 meters, or 15.3 yards apart in distances to the actual spots. Doublen7 secured the win in this tight encounter. In total 10 players managed to score over 24.000 points in this seed.
For Difficulty Level 3 the players had to deal with Rural Canada and that turned out to be a massive challenge. The point differences here were massive, with the player in 10th place only being able to score 8.046 points. It was u/Grymmwulf who picked up another win in this seed with an impressive score of 19.369 points. u/dezzy_078 and Duncolm completed the top 3 at a respectful distance.
That u/Grymmwulf is on fire can no longer be a surprise to anyone following the rankings. Also in the Difficulty Level 4 seed he picked up the win. On this Worldwide Stadiums and Other Sports Venues map he managed to score at least 2.500 points more than anyone else. The top 3 was completed by JoanaRBR and u/MtheBassman, well done to them as well.
What was left were the country streaks. The players had to go through five seeds and the scores of each seeds would be counted together into a final score. JoanaRBR managed to record the highest streak of all, 23 countries in seed 2. It was however just enough to secure the 3rd spot in the five seeds combined. Second place here was for u/MtheBassman, with surprise surprise, u/Grymmwulf claiming the first spot with in total 64 countries correctly guessed.
Other Top-10 finishers were u/deep-thot, u/lauMothra, 808DADDY, AI_GUESSR, VAJIK91713, AJPM as well as LENN THE MAN.
What does that mean for the World Rankings in this preliminary season?
The biggest difference in the top 10 for the Difficulty Level 2 World Rankings is that u/Max_FI did not participate this week and dropped from 6th place to 23rd. A weaker score for u/Tall_ImpalaL49 saw him lose the top spot to myself. u/lauMothra, AJPM and u/stealthisnick got their spot in the top 5 replacing u/Calamityx7, u/deep-thot and u/Sixtet.

u/Sixtet still leads the Difficulty Level 3 rankings however. Here we saw Vajik91713 dropping two places to 4th. Just one new player in the top 5 here with u/stealthisnick taking over from u/ben14241. u/MakkDo, AJPM and Cheesorlees are new into the top 10 here.
u/Grymmwulf remains the leader in the Difficulty Level 4 rankings. u/deep-thot was able to keep the 2nd spot despite the rising of u/Nakiroh, u/MrBlue_GG and u/MTheBassman who complete the top 5. Also a big shoutout to Cheesorlees, u/Tall_ImpalaL49 and JoanaRBR who entered the top 10 here.
Lots of new players in the Top 10 in the country rankings, which was to be expected after playing five seeds this week. u/Grymmwulf is in the lead here of course, followed by u/lauMothra who jumped to the 2nd spot. Lenn The Man kept his 3rd place ahead of u/MTheBassman and JoanaRBR.
In the overall rankings we can see that last week's leader u/Sixtet dropped to 7th place. This gave me the chance to jump up to the lead without picking up an individual win yet. The consistency of playing all seeds in combination with fairly high finishing positions got me there. We will see how long I will be able to keep this up with some strong players coming up. u/Grymmwulf is yet only in 21st place.
The strong performances of u/lauMothra gives him the 2nd place and Vajik91713 completes the current top 3. Some strong players are ready to take over though, as u/deep-thot, u/stealthisnick, AJPM, Sixtet, u/Tall_ImpalaL49, Cheesorlees and u/plouky are all not too far behind and all have the abilities to mix up this list completely next week.
For those who are interested, here are the FULL RANKINGS.
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Four questions for Winnipeg Folks

I am from Halifax and I am working in your fine city Nov 18-28. I have been there before and been to every museum except for the human rights one(CMHR) which I will goto this time. I have four questions:
-Anyone been to the Friday night opening of the CMHR? Any good or should I just go during the regular daytime hours?
-Is the aquarium tunnel (I love that thing) still at the Regent Casino?
-In Halifax we have lots of bars with exposed brick, dark wood, vintage lighting and so on. I am interested instead in hitting up smaller restaurant chains like Fatburger and Denny's which we do not have out here. Are there any 2nd tier chain restaurants you like in Winnipeg?
-Man I love food. Any good meal deals in your city?
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Fictional Winnipeg Metro

Fictional Winnipeg Metro
Winnipeg has over 700,000 unlucky people living within it's limits. For a city of it's size, it surprisingly lacks a decent mass transit system. Sure, BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) is a start, but it's too little, too late. Much of the roads in Winnipeg are simply too small to handle more buses, and there just isn't the space to build dedicated bus lanes in much of the city. I think a metro system would be the best was to go. This is obviously however quite unrealistic as our city definitely couldn't afford, deal with, or complete the project within budget. If this were to go through, the system would face constant flooding, heating/air conditioning issues, and heavy opposition. I've seen a few of these maps around and decided to weigh in my opinion. Hope you like it.
Here's a line overview: Central Line: This route is the longest of the four with 26 stations. The line starts at the Club Regent Casino vaguely following Nairn at Cut 'n Cover level to St Boniface where it crosses the Red River under that Restaurant Bridge Which No One Knows the Name Of. Here, the line turns to a deep level system connecting to Union Station. The line then connects City Place, Colony (Portage Place/U of W) and Vimy Ridge Park before returning to Cut 'n Cover level. At Polo Park, the route splits. Alternating trains could take passengers either to the Airport via St. James, or UniCity following the Portage. The Downs station would only be used on special event days such as the Red River Ex.
The River Line:
This route follows the Red River from the U of M to Kildonan Park. It runs at Cut 'n Cover level along University Crescent and Pembina. Windermere would serve as a major hub in the area with connections to the Tuxedo LRT (TRT), and BRT. Another major hub would be at Osborne Junction where you could again transfer to BRT and TRT. Here it would turn deep level, and remain this way until Kildonan. City Place would connect passengers to the Central Line and Winnipeg Square would get people on the Northern Line. A station here would help re-vitalize the Square and Portage & Main. The rest follows Main Street until reaching the Park. This line could easily be extended North to what-ever's up there, and South to St. Norbert.
Northern Line: This route starts at Garden City Centre running at Cut 'n Cover along McPhillips until the Casino. Here it descends to a deep level system and serves HSC, Centennial, and Winnipeg Square. The line could easily be expanded South to a very under-served St Vital.
Tuxedo LRT: This would be a a Light Rail system originating in the new Seasons of Tuxedo, following the current train line and BRT to Union. More than likely, to minimize costs, the current BRT or rail line would be converted to a LRT system as much of the infrastructure is already in place.
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Winnipeg Casinos

So after some research I found 3 Casinos around: McPhillips Station Casino (North End much?) Club Regent Casino South Beach Casino
Anybody have any experience with them and could recommend the best one for Texas Hold'em? or just the quality and atmosphere?
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FIFA Women's World Cup in Winnipeg - FAQs

I've noticed a lot of repeat questions being asked recently from visitors who are coming to Winnipeg for the FIFA Women's World Cup (June 8-16). Here are the most common questions: I can add to this if anyone has any suggestions.
Where is the stadium?
Investor's Group Field is at the University of Manitoba on the south end of the city.
Where should I stay?
There've been several news stories about how all the hotels in Winnipeg - even the Alt Hotel, which just opened - are booked solid. Sorry.
However, you can try alternatives:
(With suggestions from majikmonkie).
How do I get to the stadium from my hotel?
FIFA put together a guide on transportation options. The first two options are for driving, but I would recommend NOT doing that, especially if you're driving there during afternoon rush hour. Pembina Highway (which is the main route to the stadium from downtown) will probably become a parking lot in the afternoon with all the additional traffic.
However, there are four Park-n-Ride locations:
The Park-n-Ride costs $5 for people over the age of 12. Buses start departing 2 hours before afternoon kickoff. You might want to make a point of catching one of the first couple buses, since Pembina Highway is going to be a nightmare.
A note from werno - DO NOT try parking on the residential streets around the stadium. You will be ticketed and possibly towed.
Beaver Bus and Greyhound will also be operating a downtown hotel shuttle (also $5). Buses start departing 2 hours before afternoon kickoff. You might want to make a point of catching one of the first couple buses, since Pembina Highway is going to be a nightmare. If you're staying downtown, look for a shuttle stop (white circles) near your hotel:
(With suggestions from majikmonkie).
In not-stadium-specific transit news: Downtown Biz is going to be offering a free trolly to get around downtown. Winnipeg Transit also has free buses that will get you around downtown; #1,2, and 3 are all free all the time. (Thanks to supercantaloupe for the addition.)
I'm coming in from [country]. Do I have to get my money exchanged or will establishments take my US dollars/pounds/pesos/bits?
If you're using your credit card, most places will take a Visa and Mastercard regardless of country of origin. Most credit cards will give you a pretty fair exchange rate. However, you might still want cash for small purchases, bus fares, parking, etc.
Some places might take US dollars, but it will either be at par (which would be a horrible deal for you) or at an unfavourable exchange rate. It's probably a good idea to get your cash exchanged if you plan on carrying cash.
Also, plan on getting handfuls of change back when you pay. Canada has coins for $2 and $1, so after a few transactions you've got a handful of big coins to carry around. Also also, Canada no longer uses the penny, so all cash transactions will be rounded up or down to the nearest $0.05. Debit and credit transactions are still charged to the penny.
(With suggestions from Becau5eRea5on5, kent_eh and tmlrule).
How do I drive to Winnipeg from the US?
(Info via scopar). There are several border crossings between Manitoba and the US, with 3 crossings from Minnesota and 11 from North Dakota. However, all of the border crossings a very small except for the Emerson, MB/Pembina, ND crossing that is at the end of the I-29. This crossing has multiple lanes and is open 24 hours a day. The other border crossings are usually single lanes and have limited hours of operations. You can find information on the border crossings from North Dakota and Minnesota .
US citizens need proof of citizenship to enter Canada: a passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate. A passport will make your crossing the least stressful, and will probably make getting back into the US easier as well. The CBSA has information on identification requirements on their website . If you have a criminal record, you may have trouble at the border. This includes a DUI, which will probably prevent you from entering Canada. The US/Canada share access to criminal record databases so they will look it up.
Don't bring firearms or ammo with you. Canada has very different and more restrictive gun laws than the US. There is no constitutional right to bear arms in Canada, so please leave them at home. The CBSA link above has a information on prohibited items. There are also limits on the amount of booze/cigarettes you can bring with you. When crossing the border (both ways), it's always best to be upfront and don't hide anything. If they discover you lied about something, you're more likely to be pulled over and searched. I'd highly suggest doing a search of your car before you hit the road to make sure you don't leave anything unwanted in there.
Where can I get a drink?
(Info via landlubber1976). Legal drinking age is 18. Drinking in public (i.e. outside a restaurant, hotel or private home) isn't recommended and is illegal. We're not Europe. You probably won't get too much hassle, but it might cause someone to call the police on you. Don't drink and drive, please.
Alcohol generally more expensive than the US, by a fair bit.
Most restaurants will be licensed, and some may allow you to bring your own bottle of wine, but unless that bottle means something special to you, it probably isn't worth it after they apply their corkage fee. You can order a bottle of wine with dinner and you can take what you didn't finish home with you. Just make sure it is in the trunk if you're in a car, or at least not accessible.
Is there an official FIFA FanFest in Winnipeg?
Here's the lowdown (thanks to scopar for the info):
Winnipeg Fan Zone
What: Open to the public (free) on June 6 (with a viewing party of Canada’s opening match). Open to FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Winnipeg Stadium ticket-holders on matchdays only.
Where: Winnipeg Stadium (Investors Group Field)
Hours of Operation
What else should we do while we're in Winnipeg?
Well, there's lots to do. Special things happening while you're here:
Anyway, welcome to Winnipeg!
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Fenced in Dog Parks

I recently moved back to Winnipeg and I'm looking for fenced in Dog parks for my 2 German Shepard Mixes. The only one I've found fully fenced in is near Club Regent Casino.
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[Table] IAmA: Hi, I'm Louie Anderson, comedian, actor, dancer. AMA

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Date: 2016-02-18
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Was the Rambler in 'Life with Louie' based on a real life car? I mean, did your father actually own it? Was it as terrible as it was in the cartoon? Yes we actually owned a Rambler. One of the doors was knocked off by me driving. One time backing up I had the door open so I could see where I was going. I didn't see I was about to hit a parked car. When I did, I panicked, stomped on the gas instead of the brake, and snapped the door right off. I had to get out of the car, throw the door in the back, and drive away so I wouldn't get caught. It was snowing, I was driving down the street with no door, I felt as if I was in a dream. But I knew when I got home it would be a nightmare.
Hello senor Anderson. Do you have any hobbies or passions other than acting? I'm in the process of putting together a project for the homeless in Las Vegas. Working with some people there to get a mobile bus where people can come wash their clothes, shower, and get things they need. Always have had a special place in my heart for people who have been displaced, because my brother lived on the streets for a while.
How did the Life with Louie cartoon come about? How much of it was based on your actual friends/family growing up? It came about from Margaret Loesch at Fox Kids who told me that she thought my life could be a cartoon. Matt o'callaghan animated my family, and put my voice from my standup act over it one day, and I saw it come to life. Most of it was based on my life. Other people added character ideas also.
What's your favorite memory from Family Feud ? One of my favorite memories was the time that during the commercial break a family member was told they would have to find their own ride home because they screwed up the answer.
Do you think Maurice from Coming to America is finally making the big bucks? No, I think he is getting closer to becoming the manager. I heard Kevin Hart was going to remake Coming to America, and I think at that point, Maurice will probably be the manager!
Louie, I think you're awesome. Amongst your other works, I've gotten many kicks out of a [Sports Authority commercial]( Link to you did years ago, along with virtual "Family Feud" bits. What's up with these? Thank you and keep up the positivity!! One day the owner of Sports Authority flew to Las Vegas, where I was working, and said he'd like to do a bunch of commercials. I said I'll do them if we could make them funny. I think we made some great, funny commercials that were successful both for myself and them.
What's your favorite pair of shoes you own? My favorite pair of shoes are yellow leather loafers but they are too narrow for me to wear. My most comfortable shoes are my Loon slippers.
Louie...saw you in Las Vegas, you were awesome. You were nice enough to give a picture to my buddy with Down Syndrome and it made his day! When's the next book coming out? Good question! Publisher asked me the same question. To be honest with you, I am hoping to finish it by the end of the year. Out early in the spring. But right now I just released Dear Dad on Kindle!
Hello Louie, huge fan. I have seen on your facebook page that you are pretty close to Romania, be it the country or its people. Why is that? Love the Romanians, luckily Life with Louie was featured in 18 different languages! Ive learned that dads are crazy, mean, and unfair everywhere! But we love them.
Any update on whomever the real girl who inspired the Jeannie Harper character? The friend zone is brutal. Jeannie B, just retired as a school teacher, and I heard from her last year. She's doing well, and I still have a warm spot in my heart for her.
Is Teddy Bridgewater the future of the Vikings? Yes. Teddy looks great, the only problem he has is the same problem that Russell Wilson has, because he isn't as tall, his passes get knocked down and intercepted. I am excited about the Vikings, and even more so about the Timberwolves.
I'm not sure if anything makes me laugh as hard as your "My Dad doesn't like people" bit from your old standup. So thanks for that. Love you as Christine on Baskets, you play that role perfectly. Whenever I hear you in interviews/podcast/ always seem to have a great outlook on life. Is your positivity something that comes naturally to you or is it something you've had to work on? It's something that I've had to work on. Easy to say, harder to do, but worth it. While my dad didn't like people, I do. I think people are the best thing going right now. Always interesting, and you always find out something you didn't know about yourself when you deal with others.
I enjoyed watching Splash. Does your ribs still hurt? No they have healed. I still love swimming, I just look funny in the outfits when I show up at the pool.
Hey Louie, How difficult was it growing up with 9 brothers and sisters? Any funny stories from having such a full house? 10! Figuring out where to hide the food was the most difficult part. (so that I could have it all)
You were the definition of my childhood, I loved every episode of your series. Thanks a lot for that. So my question is, what was the episode you enjoyed the most? What was the creation that you were the most proud of? Thanks for the AMA. I was most proud of having the chance to re create my upbringing in a very positive light. While still keeping the difficulties families face front and center.
For years my kids have asked me "Want to hear something funny?" I always follow up with "Is it a knock-knock joke?" So, my question... Are knock-knock jokes funny? Thanks for all the laughs over the years! Yes, knock-knock jokes are funny. Especially because they introduce kids to humor! Usually its the first joke someone tells as a person.
You're portrayal of Christine Baskets is the best thing on television right now. Bravo. Is there a specific person you utilized in the development of that character? How much input did the creators have? Mostly my mother, and for the mean parts, my dad. and of course growing up with 5 wonderful sisters and several nice sister in laws.
Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck? Also, coke or pepsi? 100 duck sized horses that I could roll right over! Pepsi for me.
Hello mr. Anderson. I would like to tell you that your animated series "Life with Louie" was huge in Romania (Eastern Europe) , everybody was watching it when i was young , and people quote you all the time even today. What was your favorite moment from "Life with Louie"? Thank you for this AMA. One of my favorite things was during my show in las vegas, I did my meet and greet, two fans from Romania had come all the way there just to see the real me. I still have that picture framed!
Who do you resemble the most in your family? What about the least? I resemble my mom the most, and my dog the least.
Hey Louie, when you dress for your character on Baskets, do you look like your mom? I think I look like my mom. Here's a pic: Link to
Would you say that the younger generation doesn't recognize you when you're out and about? I'm a huge fan! I'm always happy to meet my fans, Young, old, or really really old like me.
Have you ever been to Poland? And I love your show! Never been to Poland, would love to visit soon!
What's your favourite donut from Krispy Kreme? Plain. Can't go wrong with the original.
Hey Louie! I'm a friend of Deyle's, you were kind enough to have me over at your pool a number of years ago. People should know you're as clever in person as you are on stage. I just wanted to say hello. Since this is an AMA: What makes for a good society? Pool parties, compassion, understanding, and empathy make for a good society. If we don't have empathy, we really don't have anything.
What was the best curly fries experience you've ever had at an Arby's? I asked for a small, and got two larges.
What was the equivalent to podcasts and twitter when you were starting out? A lot of comics use ham radios and publish newsletters? Soup cans with string, and messenger pigeons.
Love the new show. You're the unsung hero mom- With the fading cheer of a world weary pragmatist. Galifinakis' tortured artiste'/jerk is subtle genius. As much a drama as it is a comedy to me. How much of the show is improv -off script ? We get a lot of freedom to improv the lines. As long as we get the content of the story. It's a blast to work with two great comics.
Hey Louie, what brand of shirt do you like most? Big.
I missed you when you came to Niagara Falls, Ontario last! Anytime to come back soon? I saw you in Vegas, and I'd love to see your stand-up again with my mom this time. I'm going to be in Winnipeg April 3rd at club regent casino!
Dennis Wolfberg is a guy I used to love to see on TV that I don't think is remembered as much as he should be. Do you have any memories of him? One of the kindest, sweetest people I ever met.
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club regent casino fish tank - YouTube

Club Regent Casino and Event Centre CASINOS OF WINNIPEG HOW TO PLAY ROULETTE. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video ... Casinos of Winnipeg - How to Play Blackjack - Duration: 61 seconds. 839 views; 11 months ago; 0:31. PlayNow Poker Championship April 24 - 28, 2019 - Duration: 31 seconds. 2,096 views; 11 months ... Loverboy @ regent casino in Winnipeg nov14/2014Matt's drum solo, sypder bass solo. turn me loose, & working for the weekend Subscribe here ( ) Club Regent Casino Collin Plays. Loading... Unsubscribe from Collin Plays? ... Streetheart = What Kind Of Love Is This! = #Winnipeg Classic RockFest 2017 - #RIP Kenny Shields - Duration: 8:24 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A collage of video clips of the 3 Doors Down concert last night. I've always been a fan but WOW! This was one of the best concerts I've been to, and I've been to A LOT ;) The band and lead singer ... Close my eyes forever