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LAUT.DE-PORTRÄT Clams Casino. Mike Volpe, Jahrgang 1987, entwickelt Anfang der 2010er eins der interessantesten neuen Subgenres im Hip Hop. Seine Beats verhelfen Internetrapper Lil … 'Clams Casino Drum Kit' by Clams Casino contains 30+ Trap drum kits in WAV format, as well as a selection of complete loops with a unique and authentic ambient Trap vibe. These samples have huge ambient vibes with thick reverb, perfect for creating a dark groove. These samples can be used to make your production process even easier. These samples channel conventional hip-hop styles with an over Eleven years after its creation, Clams Casino’s iconic “I’m God” beat has finally been officially released for streaming. Here’s the story behind its journey. Filled with soaring synths and purpose-seeking bars, it's called "Live My Life." Clammy Clams fills the cut with a series of calming, New Age synths and a busy 808 beat. i killed this beat.. and im going to shoot a video for it #greatjob. 2013-11-26T04:45:06Z Comment by AARNXBRWN. can i get a copy of this? [email protected] 2013-10-12T19:51:52Z Comment by Quinn Wasaki. this beat is amazing.! please can I use it. 2013-09-25T17:13:04Z Comment by Noize. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AMAZING! 2013-09-25T06:01:48Z Comment The main problem with Instrumentals Mixtape 3 is that Clams Casino’s versatility means it is hard to approach the mixtape as a singular, cohesive piece. Each track on its own can be appreciated for the skill and artistry with which it is built, but as a long player the songs just don’t gel enough to reward any type of listening beyond ambient background music, which, given the overall

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